Pioneering Solutions for Agriculture

Tume-Agri’s past is rooted in the history of a sugar factory. In 1948, Turenki’s sugar factory founded a machine shop in order to manufacture tools for sugar beet farmers. The machine shop repaired the sugar factory’s machinery as well as local agricultural machinery. During the 1960s, the workshop began manufacturing Tume agricultural machines for grain and cattle farms.

Production at Turenki’s factory increased amidst the industrialisation of Finland’s agricultural industry. During the 1980s, production developed rapidly and the factory had its first welding robots installed.

In 1986, the owner of the sugar factory, Socros Oy, sold the manufacturing rights for Tume agricultural machines to the Finnish Nokka Group. In 2004, Nokka Group allocated the manufacturing of Tume agricultural machines to Tume-Agri Oy, selling the company to Tume-Agri Oy’s management body in 2006.

Tume-Agri’s research and development operations emphasise the economy and reliability of the machinery. Product development is carried out in collaboration with farmers. The aim is to have a technically reliable agriculture machine that does not depreciate with use and helps farmers in their everyday work.

Innovations for Field Farming


The company’s first innovation was the Tume fertilizer harrow, which was created by combining drilling and cultivation using a harrow with a levelling board. The next innovation was a prototype completed in 1968, featuring the combination of seed sowing with fertiliser feeding capabilities.

Launched in 1988, the JyräCombi combined seed and fertilizer drill was a significant product innovation. JyräCombi featured wheels behind the drill machine. Taking the wheels from the side to the back eliminated the need for separate rolling, allowing for more even sprouting. JyräCombi has seen several upgrades since that time and continues to be one of Tume’s headline products today.

The multi-purpose Nova Combi drill, which is suitable for various cultivation methods and conditions, was launched in 2003. Nova Combi has enjoyed success in trials and competitions around the world.