Tume Seed Drills

Seed drills manufactured by Tume are among the most popular in Finland. Seeding equipment manufactured in Turenki, Finland is well-known because of it´s robust and simple structure, cost-efficiency and reliability. Tume seed drills and combined seeding and fertilizing machines are exported to over 20 countries.

Tume Draco 4000 Seed Drill

Revolutionary JyräCombi seeding-fertilizer was introduced in 1988. JyräCombi has wheels behind the seeding machine. Because of the location of the wheels separate rolling after seeding is not needed. Upgraded JyräCombi and NovaCombi are still some of the most popular Tume products.

In Finland Tume seed drills are sold directly from the factory. In export countries Tume drills are sold by independent distributors. We also remanufacture second-hand seeding equipment at our factory in Turenki, Finland.

Our seed drills product range