Tume has introduced several innovations that offer cost-efficiency and reliability in the domain of cultivation and seed-sowing applications. Our innovations facilitate timely, speedy and efficient workflow with optimal conditions.  For example, the innovation of placing the wheels behind the seed and fertilizer drill was first introduced by Jyräkombi, and it has now become a standard feature on nearly all of the seed and fertilizer drills on the market.

Tume also introduced a dual disc structure with the Nova Combi and Titan seed and fertilizer drills. Thanks to the rotating parts, the machines are completely debris-resistant and create very little tractive resistance. The low tractive resistance comes as a result of the rotating dual discs, as well as not having separate fertilizer coulters. The low tractive resistance results in a reduced power requirement thus saving fuel. This innovation helps save up to 5 litres of fuel per hectare, and utilising the dual disc structure can create even more savings with less intense harrowing.

The first of its kind on the market, our tramline fertilizer machine helps reduce seed and fertilizer costs. Fertilizing empty tramlines is wasteful, costly and an unnecessary burden on the environment. The tramline machine helps reduce fertilizer costs by 4 percent on average.