The surfaces of Tume’s agricultural machines are powder coated, shot-peened, alkaline treated, and zinc phosphate coated, giving them excellent protection against corrosion.  Low maintenance is the hallmark of our design process.

Tume provides servicing for all Tume machines by the importer or the dealer. Spare parts arrive together with our dealer´s service professionals so there is no need to wait for spare parts. Our objective is to carry out warranty servicing within 24 hours and we have an impeccable service record.

Tume also provides winter servicing for seed and fertilizer drills. During the winter season, we can perform a complete overhaul either at the importer or on the dealer site. The machines can also be upgraded during the overhaul. We will prepare a fixed-price service and upgrade plan following the machine’s inspection to ensure that the seed and fertilizer drill is an up-to-date, reliable machine.

Due to their low maintenance requirements and durable coating, even second-hand Tume agricultural machines are in high demand and hence boast a good resale value.