Tume agricultural machines are designed for different conditions and our numerous patents highlight our success in the industry. Tume machines provide an even seeding pattern, which enables the cultivation of large crops.

Performing calibration tests is quick and easy with Tume seed and fertilizer drills. With Tume’s machines, adjusting the seed sowing depth does not require the user to climb, bend or reach into tight spaces so adjustments are safe and easy to do. Feeding chambers are located on a horizontal base plate of the hopper. This enables a consistent feeding rate when sowing seed in an uphill or downhill environment. The level to which the hopper is filled has no impact on the seed sowing speed.

The carefully designed features of our machines ensure reliability in the cultivation environment. Tume machines are renowned for providing even sprouting. The modifiable coulters of our seed and fertilizer drills ensure that the seed sowing depth remains constant regardless of any uneven areas on the ground. Tume’s success in various tests around the world is a testament to our quality.