Service and spare parts

In Finland we serve our customers by phone, at the factory and on the road.
We maintain machines with reliable workmanship both at the Turenki factory and at selected service points around the country.

Juha Niinistö
(languages: fin, swe, eng, ger)
+358 404 506 484

Pekka Kaartinen
(languages: fin, eng, ger)
+358 404 506482

Perttu Koivuharju
(languages: fin, eng)
+35840 5448025

Outside Finland contact your local dealer here: DEALERS

Technical support

Vesa Luukkonen
(languages: fin, eng)
Service manager (warranty, service, technical support)<br>
+358 40 621 7072

Spare parts

Pasi Kivistö
(languages: fin, eng)
Aftersales manager
+358 40 503 4949

Spare parts sales are available at the factory on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in Turenki factory

Spare parts ordering instructions

Before ordering: Check the model of your machine and the year of manufacture in advance.
See SPARE PARTS LIST for exact part numbers.
This way we avoid rush and delays.

You have received a printed list with your Tume machine. Electronic versions can be found on our website: Contact information –> Brochures -> Spare parts -> Select the correct machine and Year of manufacture. Find the right parts in the book and write down the exact part numbers.

When you prepare carefully, ordering goes smoothly.

Thank you for your attention!

Street address

PL 77
Sudenkorventie 1
14200 Turenki

Our service network in Finland

In addition to the factory, Tume branded service can be found in the following locations:

Ilmajoki: Maatalouskonehuolto M. Viitamäki

Nivala: Konehuolto Juha Korri Oy

Iisalmi: Saken Paja

Rantasalmi: PEL-tuote

Northern-FInland/Kempele: Lakkapää

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