Grow With A Good Flow

Tume-Agri Oy’s product family expanded considerably in autumn 2021. Our new Harrow series launch brought Tume to the cultivating market with a bang.

In the history of Tume-Agri, various cultivators have been manufactured for a long time, but we invested more in modernizing the technology of the drills. As the current environmental support policy increasingly guides farming, we wanted to bring solutions to the market that will help farmers, e.g. carbon sequestration problems. Now Tume-Agri has Finland’s largest collection of domestic seed drills and sowing cultivators.


Kivi-Pekka disc cultivators, previously manufactured by PEL-tuote Oy, are now available in Tume colors under the model name Tume-Harrow D. These disc cultivators are always towed, have a good level of equipment as standard.

The Tume-Harrow R-series consists of traditional shovel rollers, and its history dates back to the very beginning of the 20th century. The Tume Harrow R640L brings the method to the 2020s and is sure to be a competitive cultivating option even under the support policies that may change in the future.

in the other hand the Tume-Harrow T-series is a completely new type of solution for the Finnish harrow market. The special feature of the machine is that it succeeds in both cultivation (over 10 cm tillage) and the traditional sowing cultivating with flexible tines.

Tume cultivators are professionally manufactured and the steel grades and components used as materials have been carefully selected based on long experience.

Harrow S straw harrow is made for crop residue management, light soil cultivation, as well as treatment of permanent grassland.

Harrow T

The T-model can be called a real universal harrow, which can be used for both cultivation and sowing with different types of soil in both spring and autumn.

Harrow D disc harrow is suitable for tilling, light tillage and seedbed preparation.

The Harrow R Shovel Roller is a familiar and efficient basic tillage machine.

The CultiPack disc cultivator can be used independently or connected to the Tume feed and fertilizer drill.

Tume CultiPlus is intended for tillage and seedbed preparation. CultiPlus is both a cultivator and a disc harrow in one. Features can also be used separately.



Tume seed drill can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Compare the widths, accessories and other features and find the optimal solution.

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